Wight Shopper is an Isle of Wight based website dedicated to making sure that the deals, special offers, bargains, clearance events, closing down sales, end of line sales, discount events and basically anything involving YOU saving money is published so it can be used by all Isle of Wight Shoppers!

There are 3 main reasons behind Wight Shopper, which we hope will be embraced by all companies on the Island that sell products and/or services.

1. To provide a real-time, publicly accessible resource where Island businesses can advertise their special offers, sales, discounts etc. With the increase in online trade that is taking place, we feel it is important that any savings and deals available on the Isle of Wight should be known about before people just go and buy stuff online, which will potentially lead to Isle of Wight businesses losing out to companies like Amazon and other mainland based offline/online businesses. We feel it is important to the Island economy that every effort is made to keep the circulation of money on the Island where possible.

2.To get all Isle of Wight Shoppers better deals! Deals are often locally advertised, or just advertised in select places, and this means that not everyone gets to find out about them. This might include a voucher in  the Isle of Wight County Press or Weekly Ad which everyone does not read, adverts in local locals and offers that are only being advertised on-site due to the costs involved in marketing them to the whole Island.

3.Some deals and offers don’t get any promotion and people just spot them. Wight Shopper will allow anyone to suggest a deal, and so you can share your bargain spotting talents with everyone on the Isle of Wight.

We hope that Wight Shopper will be a resource that people check before they need to spend money on anything. We will include offers on everything that is available on the Isle of Wight. From a Pub Happy Hour to a great deal on a new Mercedes, we hope to make them all available. Who knows, we might even be able to tempt more shoppers from the mainland to come and spend their money on the Isle of Wight.